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Covid 19资源


一些资源 available to small law firms in need of financial assistance during the COVID-19 crisis. Get your financial records together and ready to upload.


In the event that your legal career has been disrupted by the pandemic and you need to quickly establish yourself as a law firm to serve one or more clients, here are the essentials to be up and going in a day or two. 下载并打印.

Get advice from our practice management advisors on starting and managing a law firm.


报名参加 即将到来的自由软件 covering remote work, technology essentials, and how to manage your firm. Missed some of our programming? 下载我们的 过去的报告 在你方便的时候.

D.C. 酒吧 members have access to several very useful applications and tools that can assist them in their practice.


我们的 ethics experts have drawn up some basic 的指导方针 to assist you in complying with your ethical duties during this pandemic and beyond.

D.C. 酒吧’s legal ethics counsel are available to 讨论道德 【靠谱的滚球平台】D.C. 规则 of Professional Conduct.


Natural disaster or illness can strike anyone at any time, and small firm lawyers are especially vulnerable. It is imperative that every lawyer has a formal 备份计划.


D.C. 酒吧 offers thousands of dollars in savings through our affinity partnerships. As a valued member of the 酒吧, you have access to 独家折扣 论法律研究工具, 健康保险, cloud-based law practice management software, 健康, 和更多的.

精神上的帮助 & 健康

For help with stress, mental health, and substance abuse matters, reach out to our Lawyer Assistance Program.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought tremendous change and challenge to all of us. 请知道 你并不孤单—we can pull through this crisis together.


学习如何D.C. 酒吧公益服务中心是 continuing to serve our most vulnerable neighbors 在大流行期间.

我们的 Continuing Legal Education Program is meeting our members’ need for pandemic-related programming.

同样,维.C. 酒吧 社区 offers an array of webinars, on-demand courses和一个 播客 episode covering the pandemic.