District of Columbia 实践手册

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The 28th Edition of the District of Columbia 实践手册 is now available, digital access only. This two-volume comprehensive publication brings together the collective knowledge of hundreds of experienced practitioners covering the basics of law in the District.

The manual contains 35 chapters on administrative procedure, alternative dispute resolution, 反垄断, appellate practice in the D.C. 上诉法院, 艺术法律, 虐待和忽视儿童, 商法, 消费者保护, 企业实践, 刑法与实务, 交通刑事犯罪, 国内关系, 就业法, 环境法律, finding the law in the District of Columbia, 政府合同, Health Maintenance Organizations Act, 人权, 保险法, 干预程序, 少年法律与实践, l和lord 和 tenant practice, legal ethics 和 lawyer discipline, 精神卫生程序, 合作伙伴关系, 人身伤害, 政治法律, 不动产, 小额索偿, 高等法院 civil practice, 税收, U.S. District Court civil practice, 遗嘱和遗产, 工人的补偿, 和 zoning 和 historic preservation.

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We have sold out of the hardcopies, currently only the digital version is for sale.

The 29th Edition will be available in the Fall 2022. If you have any questions, email (电子邮件保护).


How valuable is the 实践手册? Read these testimonials from users:

I am general counsel at a $72 million a year health care company. I h和le everything that comes through the door. Because my practice is so varied, I am constantly looking at the District of Columbia 实践手册 to make sure that I am up to speed on many areas of D.C. practice: administrative law 和 agency practice, 高等法院, 人权, 劳动和就业, 房屋租赁, 工人的补偿, 房地产, 侵权行为, 甚至是小额索赔. As a member of six state bar associations, sometimes it is hard to keep things straight, but the 实践手册 always puts me on the right course in advising my client on how to proceed or letting opposing counsel know that I will be h和ling their complaint competently 和 confidently.


Working on the DCPM helped me stay up-to-date on the latest developments in DC 就业法.  I do not practice DC law as a federal employee, but working on the practice manual helped prepare me to take on pro bono 就业法 matters in the District, including through the DC 酒吧 公益性服务 Center.